Friday, April 30, 2010


2M 2009

RIMUP day 2009 (it was raining)

SMK Taman Melati's Prefects Organisation

SMK Taman Melati's MKJR team :)

Words have a lot of power. They can help or hurt, bless or curse. Unkind words do a lot of harm. Kind words do a lot of good. We can spoil a friend’s happiness by an unkind word. We can cheer up a sad heart with a kind word. And kind words are cheap. It costs nothing to say a kind word to one who is sad or in trouble. But often a kind word is more welcome than a costly present. So let us try to smile, to speak a cheery word, to say kind things and make others happy. Kind words come out of a kind heart. Selfish people think only of themselves. They find it hard to say kind things. But kind-hearted people forget themselves. They think of others. So they naturally say kind words. I’ve heard once, people said, “Kind words can NEVER die.” Its true. They are not forgotten.

So, these people always say kind words to me:

Siti Hanisah binti Nordin:

Her kind words make me forget everything. And her kind words make me realize that i have such a wonderful friend J

Muhammad Hazriq bin Zulkepli:

His kind words make me smiling outside and blushing inside. But he sometimes harm me by saying i am “kaya”. Im not rich, hazriq.. you’re being too humble all this while.

Wan Nor Izzatty binti Mohd. Azmi:

Her kind words make me LOL. And her kind words sometimes help me a lot. She seriously know how to say kind words.

Nurfilzati Munirah binti Musa:

Her kind words support me a lot. She is such a very very supportive friend and a VERY good secret keeper too. That is why i love HER.

Ranareem binti Md. Isa:

Her kind words make my life colourful. She never mess up a THING. I mean, she never gives me and my friends even a LITTLE problem.

Nurul Ashikin Mastura binti Muhd. Rezuan:

Her kind words make me love her even more and more. She’s my bestfriend since i was in form one.

and also SMK Taman Melati MKJR team J

iLOVE you guys. I will be missing the moments that we spent together since two years ago. I wish we can still be in the competition next year. But sadly, we cant. Congrats to Amirul. I wish i can beat you someday. We are in one team and we are family. Thats the only thing that matter. i cant believe that im leaving these MKJR stuff after 5 years i participated in this Wonderful competition. Amirul Zamri, i cried is not because i tak menang tapi sebab next year we cant join dah competition ni. Remember, you’re not THAT great. Kita SERI. Tapi aku takde rezeki je nak menang. Haha. Kau best. And and a big congrats again to SMK Taman Melati team. We did the BEST. Pasukan tebaik kategori sekolah menengah, tempat ke-2 is great enough. We beat Victoria Institution, puteri wilayah, and also Sri Saujana yg bajet hebat tu. And please remember yg marks team kita same with Puteri Titiwangsa’s marks. Taraf team kita dengan team diorang sama.

I don’t want to continue with this thing sebab nnti i nangis.

Haha so, till then..